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Mrinalini V.

"Extremely satisfied and happy with Usha's support to us. We are Expats into US, so I was steeling myself for a really hard time finding a home and setting things up. I wrote to 8-10 odd agents in the area seeking support to find a home, and Usha was the most responsive. I would recommend Usha to anyone looking for home in the Westchester area for the following reasons: 1. She was the most responsive of 8-10 odd agents we reached out to in the area. She was very prompt on emails, phone making it easy for us to select our top picks much before we actually landed in the area. This upfront work helped us sign the lease on our home literally a day after we arrived in the US saving us time and hotel stay expenses, not to mention the mental peace that comes with finding a base. 2. Her local area knowledge and existing relationships make it easier to find the right home which compliments the lifestyle. She spent good amount of time initially in understanding our requirements, budget, priorities and throughout the process her recommendations for the home were based on the lifestyle we wanted to have, rather than just the home alone. This in hindsight is the BIGGEST reason I would go to her again and again (this is why perhaps just Zillow searches on the internet are not enough and one needs a REAL person/ agent). It's little things like - this house is by a nature trail, avoid this area as no park nearby for your kid, heavy traffic on this road, etc that only a local person can help with, and in that regard Usha's knowledge is unmatched. As a result we now have a home that's working for us holistically as against just finding us "" roof over our heads"". 3. When we arrived in the US, she again spent considerable time with us driving around various towns and showing us simple things like local schools, train station, eateries, banks, etc. All this on day 1 made me very confident of my choice of location and house. 4. She knows the process inside out. Thanks again Usha and Houlihan Lawrence you're very lucky to have her!! She believes in Human Connect first and foremost and I wish more agents imbibe the same Mantra. - Help the clients find a home that brings their whole lifestyle together rather than just a house."

Anna S.

We would buy or sell with Lori again in a heartbeat! Lori represented us faithfully and skillfully with her unbeatable blend of sharp negotiation, local expertise, warm personality, indefatigability, responsiveness, and professionalism. Lori was always on our side. In an extremely competitive market, Lori helped us win a home we adore, below the asking price! Some details, During the initial hunting and throughout Lori was always available and ready to talk homes. She listened to our needs and showed us properties that met them. Lori is indefatigable she genuinely seems to love her job and it shows. Because she knows Westchester as a long-term local, she was able to find us homes we had not noted online on our own. Lori always helped us put our best foot forward, in viewings, bids, negotiations. She diffused many a situation and we were later told that an important part of our bid was that our broker was respectful and responsive, and knew the process of how to move to close quickly. We could tell Lori was always fighting for us. Lori went above and beyond. With her local connections, she helped us map out our plans for the house in preparing for the bid, and after too. She is highly regarded in the community. She quickly became our ambassador to the new town friends, schools, contractors, etc. Perhaps most importantly, Lori balances her sharp real estate mind and strong skill of negotiation with kindness, intuition, and patience. Lori is the diamond in the rough!

Nikos A.

We have bought 2 homes and sold 1, and Usha is the best real estate agent we have worked with. When we needed to meet with an agent while traveling through the area where we wanted to buy a home, she made time on very short notice and set up houses for us to look on the way over to meet us. When we needed advice on how to navigate selling our home and buying a new one at the same time, she had helpful strategic advice to offer, which ultimately allowed us to purchase our dream home at a price that was below-asking and fit our budget. She knows everyone in the Chappaqua/Westchester area agents, contractors, inspectors, and was able to use those connections to usher our offer through to purchase. She went above and beyond to spend time with us and made recommendations for living in the area as well as the upkeep of our new home. Thank you Usha for your friendly help, for negotiating on our behalf, and for the time you spent with us. Looking forward to working together again! Usha was a pleasure to work with. She was knowledgeable, upbeat, and supportive. We never felt pushed in one direction or the other. Instead, we were given good information and guidance throughout the process. She listened to us with great sincerity and helped guide us to the best solution for our complicated move. We could not recommend her more.

Grace C.

Jackpot. Winning the lottery. Dumb luck. These are the terms my husband and I regularly use when we talk about how we managed to land Usha as our realtor. We purchased our first home through her -- an extremely competitive property that had a multitude of offers that were likely better than ours -- and have no doubt that it was because of Usha's efforts that we acquired it. We had very little experience going in, but from the beginning of our search, Usha worked tirelessly and patiently with us (all the more remarkable given that we started looking with her with a newborn who required constant nursing!), and made certain that we were well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. I could speak at length about her professionalism, responsiveness, intelligence, and unflagging commitment to finding you a home. I could also tell you that everyone we came across that had worked with her (sellers, lawyers, etc.) all commented on these exact traits and more, and spoke of her with utmost regard. But what I found most special about Usha was her unfailing positivity, which in turn never failed to buoy our spirits. There's no better way to put it: Usha is the Hermione Granger of Westchester real estate. We hope to buy and sell all our future properties through her!

Sam L.

We can't say enough good things about Usha Subramaniam. Usha and her family have been neighbors of ours in Chappaqua for many years. She a warm, caring, bright and incredibly energetic person who consistently goes above and beyond as a neighbor and an active member of the community. When it came time to buy a house for our daughter and her young family, we knew who we wanted at our side. As anticipated, she has gone above and beyond in helping us find just the right house for them in Mt. Kisco. Usha knows people as well as she knows houses and the real estate market, which is saying a lot. She is always positive and upbeat. She understood clearly what we were looking for and what our budget was. We are not the easiest clients, and this was never going to be the biggest of deals, but Usha was always there for us -- through the search process, through the ups and downs that came with getting to contract and then to closing on a smaller, older house that was going to need some work. She was supportive, open and honest -- and did her best to keep us calm -- throughout. We love the house, even though there is still a lot of work to be done, and will always thank Usha for helping us pick it out and buy it. We would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation.

Nandhini C.

Having just graduated from grad school and not being too familiar with NY in general, I needed all the help I could get for renting a home. Usha proved to be that wonderful source of timely help, showing an immediate willingness to understand my needs and a genuine appreciation of all my concerns. My current lease was expiring soon and I did not have a lot of time to look for a house when I approached her. In addition to the listing she was the contact point for, on Zillow, she showed several other apartments, in a span of 2 days, managing to set up appointments with impressive efficiency. I signed the lease for my new apartment in Mt Kisco within a week of starting apartment search. She was very prompt in responding to emails, unmindful of the lateness of the hour. I was pleasantly surprised when she responded to emails I sent her after 10 pm within 10 minutes ! She is quite an interesting conversationalist, offering tips and insights into a number of things ranging from top rated dinner restaurants around the area, to contrasting mortgage and rent payments for my future reference. My experiences suggest she is very helpful, pleasant, resourceful and engaging, and I would absolutely request her services again in the future.


Usha is a terrific broker! By working with her, you will find smooth communication, efficient responses, and, most importantly, insights of the target property that you cannot simply achieve online. She is always very honest with the pros and cons of a property and will present those to you for your overall consideration. When it’s going to my bidding, our case is almost the “worst” case — we were bumped out two times after the sellers accepting our offers. Usha was being very supportive all the time. Advocating the best interest of her clients, she provided very practical suggestions on my offerings. She coordinated tirelessly and efficiently between the sellers and never pushed me to bid blindly when there was a bidding war. (Believe it or not, some brokers push hard just to get their commission ASAP without caring your best interest.) Usha also did a lot out of her duty for us as a courtesy and her service definitely exceeded our expectations. I am glad I chose Usha as my broker at the very beginning. She is a person that you not only want to work with but also build a long term friendship with. I strongly recommend Usha.

Fangli X.

We know Usha from our friends. She recommends Usha to us. I met her for our first open door house tour with a lot of friends. She is a super nice real estate professional. She has a super sensitive about language. We are not a native speaker, but we never struggling with communication because no matter how short we convey our idea or how bad we pronounciate words she can quickly get the meaning. She has very impressive local knowledge. As she said, she lives in the Westchester area since she was born. She knows every inch about the land and every screenshot about the house history before meeting with you for the house tour. She knows lots of house-related knowledge. She can answer most of the questions you can come up with the house, such as how about the material used, what's good and what is not good... If she cannot, she will do more research on it. She also responds to your email/call/message very quickly. And recommends price for the first round and give suggestion about how to bargain. She has a beautiful smile and a very open mind. And her team is great too. Special thanks to Lori too.


My husband and I are first-time home buyers and are moving from NYC to Westchester. Usha responded to our inquiry to a house we saw on Zillow, and we met her for the first time at a viewing she arranged for us of that property. From that first day, Usha was extraordinarily helpful. She listened to us and responded thoughtfully with good and helpful suggestions. Additionally, she was able to set up visits to every property we asked her to see. She has been exactly the kind of source of information the two of us needed not knowing much of anything about the different towns in Westchester. Usha has gone above and beyond to help us through every part of buying our first home. She is patient, thoughtful, thorough, and very well informed of the market. She is very accessible via e-mail, text, and phone and returns messages quickly. She has excellent character and professional ethics. If you like working with smart, happy people, you should reach out to Usha. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great realtor who is really pleasant to work with and who will help you get the best deal.

Grace C.

Oops, she did it again! When it came time to sell our home, there was only one person we wanted to work with: Usha Subramanian. She had made the experience of first-time buying so seamless and positive, which is significant considering we were also first-time parents with an infant, that we knew we could depend on her as first-time sellers as well this time pregnant and with a young child. When we originally bought the house, the market was high and competition for the property was fierce. At selling time, we were in a down market. But because of Usha's expert guidance, we had offers within 24 hours of listing, culminating in a batch of very competitive offers from which to choose after only five days. She was crystal clear, realistic, hyper knowledgeable, and strategic. Plus, she's an absolutely wonderful person to spend time with. If there were more Ushas running things, the world would unequivocally be a better place.

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